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Control Tower: Case Studies

1. Regional Fulfillment Excellence for a leading FMCD Client!

A leading home appliances brand was exploring to move to a professional multi-channel, warehousing & fulfillment company from the current ‘CFA-based model for b2b shipments’ and ‘pan-India b2c fulfillment from a single mother warehouse’.

The brand was looking to solve the key pain point of “poor peak-volume handling”, “inconsistent service levels in transportation” besides looking to upgrade to Grade-A, compliant facilities at a similar price point.

Moreover, the company was looking to entrust their secondary transportation to a professional warehousing & fulfillment partner who could own up to end-to-end TAT and service levels.

Prozo was chosen as their supply chain partner for North India by looking at Prozo’s warehousing, fulfillment and transportation capabilities.

Tags: B2B, FMCD, ProWMS, Local Transportation, PTL, FTL, Regional Warehouse, Control Tower, Command Centre,

2. Enabling best-in-class, OTIF supply chain for a world-renowned high-street retailer!

A leading high-street retailer was looking to improve fulfillment rate and order shipping timelines for its airport and metro retail stores. Furthermore, this multi-category retailer was looking to tech-enable the supply chain by deploying a multi-category WMS capable of handling shelf-life based fulfillment besides FEFO based picking methodology. As a part of this project, the client required an ambient as well as temperature-control facility for storage of various categories of goods.

As a part of meeting stringent TAT targets on the delivery side, the retailer expected the warehousing & fulfillment partner to manage its last mile deliveries to its numerous stores on a daily basis.

Looking at Prozo’s full-stack services and our ability to understand their supply chain better than other competitors, Prozo was entrusted with 100% outsourcing of their mother warehouse, regional fulfillment center and transportation requirements. Pro-WMS was deployed on the premises and was integrated with SAP.

Tags: B2B, FMCG, ProWMS, Local Transportation, Mother Warehouse, Regional Warehouse, SAP Integration, Control Tower, Command Centre,

3. Enabling 1-2 days deliveries Pan-India in a fast-scale environment!

A leading fitness-technology arm of a new-age healthcare company was looking for an agile but enterprise-grade supply chain partner who could meet their fast-evolving and ever-growing supply chain requirements. The brand had an aggressive target of delivering its products to its customers pan-India in 1-2 days. The brand’s existing growth partner was not able to meet their geographical expansion requirements and stringent SLAs as it was not tech-enabled.

Prozo was chosen as their supply chain partner looking at Prozo’s vast fulfillment network of 30 multi-channel warehouses located across the country, its control tower and command center. Also, Prozo was able to offer the brand pay-per-use commercials. Not only that, Prozo offered the brand a “single rate card’ for services pan-India. The brand is currently operating from seven fulfillment centers of Prozo.

Tags: B2C, B2B online, D2C, FTL, Regional Warehouses, Control Tower, Command Centre,

4. Capability consolidation and end-to-end fulfillment for a group of brands!

A D2C consumer vertical of a large Indian Conglomerate was looking to bring end-to-end warehousing & fulfillment of its five different consumer brands under one roof while enabling faster fulfillment for these brands. These five different consumer brands were operating from various locations across the country, typically from stand-alone facilities, and last mile delivery TATs were not consistent. Also, replenishment was very complex and inconsistent.

Prozo was chosen as their supply chain partner, looking at Prozo’s enterprise-grade capabilities on three key parameters; PWLP (Prozo warehousing & logistics platform), PLN (Prozo’s Logistics Network) and PFN (Prozo’s Fulfillment Network).

Currently, five brands of the conglomerate are operating from 4 regional warehouses of Prozo in East, West, North and South. Both primary and secondary transportation requirements of the brands are also handled by Prozo. These brands are leveraging Prozo’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management System (OMS) and Shipping cum transport management Platform (Proship). The pan-India operations of the brand are managed through Control Tower & Command Centre.

Tags: D2C, FMCG, ProWMS, ProOMS, ProShip, SAP Integration, Primary Transportation (FTL), Mother, Regional Warehouses, Control Tower, Command Centre,

5. Pay-per-use, scale-ready supply chain for one of the Thrasios of India!

One of the Thrasios of India was looking for a warehousing partner who could enable fast-fulfillment for its acquired brands through a pan-India fulfillment network. The brand also wanted the warehousing partner’s warehouses to be “ Amazon-prime” & “Flipkart-plus” enabled so that their goods get fast-fulfillment badges on day 0.

Moreover, since this company was acquiring early stage companies in various categories, it was critical that the warehousing partner has strong capabilities across segments and categories; be it apparel, gym & fitness, Home & Outdoor or other categories. The brand was also looking for an online reseller to help resell on these platforms since the brand couldn’t do it directly because of FDI restrictions.

Prozo was chosen as its warehousing, technology and retail partner looking at Prozo’s end-to-end capabilities. The brand is operating from four of Prozo’s warehouses and Prozo is entrusted with managing three of their brand’s fulfillment and online retail.

Tags: Prozo Retail, B2C, B2B Online, Various categories, ProWMS, ProOMS, Regional Warehouses, Control Tower, Command Centre,

6. Upgradation of the supply chain by an India arm of an MNC Publisher!

The Indian Arm of a global MNC book publisher was looking for a professional warehousing & fulfillment company which could handle both their warehousing & transportation requirements. Also, they wanted to move away from a single warehousing fulfillment strategy (CFA based) and have at least two fulfillment centers in North and South India to serve their booksellers and distributors. The brand was only operating on an ERP so far and hadn’t adopted a WMS and TMS yet.

Prozo was chosen for its quality of warehousing infrastructure and ability to offer WMS and TMS that seamlessly integrated with their ERP. Moreover, Prozo’s ability to enable automation of tracking & TAT reporting of B2B PTL shipments was a delight to them.

Currently, the brand operates from two locations and Prozo is entrusted with 100% of their warehousing & transportation business.

Tags: B2B, Books, Retailer & Distributor Fulfillment, ProWMS, ProShip, Control Tower,

7. New-age supply chain for new-age customers of a b2c platform’s private label arm!

A leading B2C marketplace was looking to leverage on a new-age supply chain company to build an efficient, pay-per-use, fast-fulfillment enabled supply chain.

Prior to Prozo, they were managing drop-ship operations from the manufacturer’s warehouse and another 3PL company. The company was facing key challenges in managing forward & return order processing TATs, inventory accuracy, and was struggling to add newer geographies as their private labels grew. Moreover, there was no real-time view into the supply chain and the visibility was dependent on manual interventions.

Prozo was chosen as their supply chain partner because of Prozo’s Grade-A fulfillment centers, control tower & command center, single rate card for pan-India fulfillment, enterprise-grade capabilities and proven track record.

Tags: Marketplaces as a customer, B2C, D2C, Control Tower, Command Centre,

8. London-based apparel brand looking to expand regionally to enable fast-fulfillment for its b2b and b2c customers.

A leading apparel brand was looking to grow its D2C and B2C business while maintaining a single pool of inventory. They were looking for partners who could easily integrate with their existing technology ecosystem and have multi-channel fulfillment expertise.

Prozo was chosen as a supply chain partner because of its plug & play tech stack, HHT-enabled, multi-channel operations capabilities. Also, Prozo’s ability to offer a pay-per-use commercial contract made perfect sense for the brand.

Tags: Apparel, Regional Fulfillment, Control Tower & Common Centre,

9. Integrated Warehousing & Freight Services for a fast growing D2C athleisure and sports merchandise brand

A leading D2C athleisure and sports merchandise brands was evaluating multiple service partners who could offer best in class, tech enabled warehousing & last mile freight solutions and handle its BAU and peak operations, with peak demand being 10X of BAU. The brand’s existing service partner wasn’t able to handle such peak volumes while maintaining Service Levels

The brand chose Prozo because of our ability to understand its operations and pain-points and onboard it quickly before a major sporting event, when order volume goes up 10X.

The brand leveraged Prozo’s intelligent inventory placement platform, ProPlanning, to optimize stocking points, leading to faster shipment timelines with lower last mile delivery costs.

Prozo started with offering Warehousing & fulfillment at 1 location to the brand, and soon scaled up to 3 locations, along with last mile freight services via ProShip, Prozo’s freight recommendation and allocation engine.

Tags: ProShip, Warehousing, Fast Fulfillment, Control Tower, Command Center, Freight, B2C and D2C, Merchandise, Apparel,

10. Multi-channel fulfillment for a women’s wellness brand

The brand wanted to partner with a new age, agile supply chain partner to handle its B2B, B2C and D2C warehousing & fulfillment requirements on a flexible commercial model. The brand also wanted the service partner to provide intensive Value Added Services like kitting and repackaging in a clean and hygienic environment.

Prozo could meet the brand’s requirements because of its deep experience in handling multi channel operations on a pay-per-use commercial model. Also, Prozo deployed trained manpower to handle the products in a safe and hygienic environment, while ensuring adherence to SLAs and TATs during BAU and peak sale events.

Tags: Multi Channel Fulfillment, B2B, B2C, D2C, Warehousing, Control Tower, Command Center, Hygiene, Personal care,

11. Pan-India, Multi-channel fulfillment on a pay-per-use model

A high growth baby gear (hardlines) brand wanted a tech enabled supply chain partner for its multi-channel warehousing,fulfillment and supply chain tech requirements.

Prozo offered the brand a unified rate card and a Pan-India footprint. Given the products were large and bulky, Prozo was able to offer optimum stocking points, thus bringing down the brand’s logistics cost by minimizing national deliveries and maximizing local and regional deliveries. Along with warehousing & freight, the brand leveraged on ProWMS and ProShip (Freight allocation and recommendation engine) to have a real time view of its operations.

The pan-India, multi-channel operations of the brand are managed through Control Tower & Command Centre.

Tags: Multi Channel Fulfillment, B2B, B2C, D2C, Warehousing, Control Tower, Command Center, Hardlines, Baby Care, ProWMS, ProShip, PTL,

12. Large Hospitality Brand looking to professionalize its supply chain

A fast growing hospitality brand was looking to work with a professional supply chain partner for the first time. The brand wanted a partner who could offer a Pan-India warehousing & freight network along with an integrated tech stack.

The brand chose Prozo because of its in-house, scalable tech stack (ProWMS) and ability to efficiently manage Pan-India operations through a central Control Tower & Command Center. Prozo is currently serving the brand at 3 locations, along with handling its B2B freight operations.

Tags: ProWMS, Control Tower, Command Center, Pan-India Fulfillment, PTL, Freight, Hospitality,

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