Prozo Distribution

Whether you are a retailer or a distributor, you can make all your bulk purchases of books through our Bookz App.

  • Multi-lingual b2b e-commerce app
  • Seamless Transaction Experience
  • Returns and backorder management
  • Ordering and payment simplified

Prozo Technology Solutions

Enterprise Software for Publishers and Retailers - SaaS and On-Premise

ERP - Publishers

Prozo's ERP is b2b e-commerce first cloud-based software for publishers & large distributors of print books. The software caters to most of the organizational needs such as b2b & b2c billing, product management, inventory management, business buyers management, returns management, logistics & transport management, business analytics & reporting, product launch tools, purchase order module, and credit management. The ERP also has an integrated warehouse management system (WMS).

Bookz Bookseller App

For publishers looking to implement b2b e-commerce with their bookseller and distributor network, this multi-lingual app is just what they need! The app, which is available for both Android and iOS platform, is natively integrated with Prozo publisher's ERP and supports some very innovative features which ensure the highest technology adoption among offline retailers and distributors. All business processes related to transaction and product launch are available in the app.

ERP Retail

As a part of Prozo technology suite, Prozo offers a comprehensive ERP to ts booksellers and distributors to handle their in-store processes like cash-memo billing and inventory management. This product can easily be integrated with the publisher ERP to ensure an end-to-end integrated supply chain.

Bookz School App

Prozo offers Android and iOS apps to booksellers, schools, and publishers who want to move away from in-school counter sales to implement b2c e-commerce for delivery of 'books & stationery set' at student's home at the beginning of the school season. Prozo offers admin module along with the ERP to its users to manage the app, in-school counter sales, if needed and handle logistics aspects related to this activity.

Bookz Admin App

This app is a critical process enabler for two internal stakeholders - publisher's sales teams and order processing team. Besides offering the real-time view into the business parameters to relevant stakeholders, it allows the sales team to view the real-time status of their buyer's orders, download their statements, freight receipts besides giving them access to real-time view into multi-warehouse inventory status. Most operations-critical processes such as credit-release of orders, verification of orders, stock-allocation are also app-enabled.