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FMCD: Case Studies

1. Regional Fulfillment Excellence for a leading FMCD Client!

A leading home appliances brand was exploring to move to a professional multi-channel, warehousing & fulfillment company from the current ‘CFA-based model for b2b shipments’ and ‘pan-India b2c fulfillment from a single mother warehouse’.

The brand was looking to solve the key pain point of “poor peak-volume handling”, “inconsistent service levels in transportation” besides looking to upgrade to Grade-A, compliant facilities at a similar price point.

Moreover, the company was looking to entrust their secondary transportation to a professional warehousing & fulfillment partner who could own up to end-to-end TAT and service levels.

Prozo was chosen as their supply chain partner for North India by looking at Prozo’s warehousing, fulfillment and transportation capabilities.

Tags: B2B, FMCD, ProWMS, Local Transportation, PTL, FTL, Regional Warehouse, Control Tower, Command Centre,

2. On-demand warehousing to enable geographical entry of a large FMCD Client.

A large Indian Conglomerate’s FMCD business vertical was looking to expand their footprint in Telangana but was unsure of the demand pickup for this vertical. Therefore, they were looking for on-demand warehousing at a pallet-level.

Prozo offered one of its enterprise grade fulfillment centers in Hyderabad regions for pallet-in, pallet-out ops to this client thus enabling a seamless entry into that geography. Currently, Prozo is handling 6000+ pallet operations for this client in this region.

Tags: On-demand warehousing, B2B, Pallet-in, pallet-out ops, ProWMS,

3. Tech enabled warehousing & enhanced inventory visibility for a home appliances Manufacturer

One of the leading home appliances manufacturers was looking for a tech enabled warehousing solution, which not only helps them fulfill hundreds of orders a day but also provides smart measures around inventory movement and aging. The brand’s existing manual solution was not able to provide any info on aging and was a bottleneck in catering to volume of orders.

Prozo was chosen as a supply chain partner owing to the comprehensive reporting and intelligence provided around the order processing and inventory. Prozo offered a complete scan-based solution omitting human errors and provided insights on slow- and fast-moving inventory. The system with FIFO in place ensures smooth inventory movement.

Tags: FIFO, Reporting, Intelligence, Warehousing, Inventory, order processing,

Other Case Studies

Enabling best-in-class, OTIF supply chain for a world-renowned high-street retailer!

Enabling 1-2 days deliveries Pan-India in a fast-scale environment!

Capability consolidation and end-to-end fulfillment for a group of brands!

Pay-per-use, scale-ready supply chain for one of the Thrasios of India!

Fast-fulfillment for a prescription-based health care brand!

Upgradation of the supply chain by an India arm of an MNC Publisher!

New-age supply chain for new-age customers of a b2c platform’s private label arm!

London-based apparel brand looking to expand regionally to enable fast-fulfillment for its b2b and b2c customers.

Local fulfillment for a smart farming company!

Integrated order management and differential fulfillment rules for a natural human and pet product company

Multi-channel fulfillment for a domestic distributor of high end eyewear brands

Professionalization of Supply Chain of a fast growing Intimate Hygiene D2C Brand

Pan-India D2C Warehousing for a handbags and accessories brand

Integrated Warehousing & Freight Services for a fast growing D2C athleisure and sports merchandise brand

Multi-channel fulfillment for a women’s wellness brand

Pan-India, Multi-channel fulfillment on a pay-per-use model

Large Hospitality Brand looking to professionalize its supply chain

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