About Prozo

Prozo is disrupting traditional b2b supply chains - one at a time.

Currently, we have started with print books distribution supply chain. As a full-stack distribution company, Prozo offers following to publishers - direct to retailer b2b distribution, b2b distribution services (warehousing, dispatch etc.), and b2b distribution technology solutions (SaaS) to both publishers and retailers.

The operational capability, technology stack, and business model elements are cross replicable to various other supply chains where the market is fragmented & segmented, and where direct to retailer b2b e-commerce is absent or in nascent stages.

Our Focus

With a keen focus on revolutionizing the publishing and distribution sector, here’s how we channelize our skill-set in achieving our goals:

Technology Focus




Meet the Team

An ideal mix of leadership icons, hustlers and subject matter experts, we are a bunch of professionals fuelled by the passion to chase our dream and emerge winners.

Lt. Cdr. (Dr.) Ashvini JakharFounder & Chief Idealist
Vaibhav DhawanDirector, Technology