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ProPlanning is a SaaS platform that helps brands with intelligent inventory placement to enable 1-2 days delivery. It helps brands optimize existing stock points by suggesting intelligent stocking at existing warehouses, as well as helping these brands identify the most optimum additional warehouse location/s, based on their consumer demand.

ProPlanning helps brands:

  • Identify established & emerging markets for their products.
  • Quantify & evaluate their current fulfillment model.
  • Estimate & assess (user) proposed model benefits compared to the current model.
  • Get ideal warehousing suggestions & estimated savings along with it.
Automate your shipping

Understand your customers better!

Current Sales Distribution: Leveraging on a brand’s historical sales data that is easily available from platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, ProPlanning analyses a brand’s current sales distribution (Pan-India) at both macro and micro levels.

Delivery Timelines Analysis: ProPlanning further identifies what % of a brand’s customers fall into 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and more than 3 days delivery timelines. This analysis can be done for customers acquired from all online channels, whether through a brand’s e-commerce store or various marketplaces.

Cost Benefit - Closer to Customer

Save 15-45% in freight through Intelligent Inventory Placement!

Freight Saving: ProPlanning platform also helps brands take a business decision by helping them understand the business impact of their stocking levels and stocking location decisions. Brands save anywhere from 15-45% in their freight cost by increasing the % of their local and regional deliveries and reducing national deliveries.

What to stock where? Based on historical sales data, benchmark data, and inputs from a brand, ProPlanning platform’s algorithm advises a brand about optimum inventory placement at existing stocking points.

Where should my next warehouse be? ProPlanning also helps direct-to-consumer brands choose their next warehouse wisely, helping them save freight costs and delight their customers with fast deliveries. Brands can run various scenarios and choose what’s best for them.

Automate your shipping

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