Warehouse Management System

A modern warehousing software for handling present day omni-channel fulfillment complexities

Paperless Warehouse

Paperless Warehouse

With technology-led automation for processes starting from receiving to dispatching (and everything in between), you can save countless man-hours and increase throughput.

Barcoding Solution

Prozo’s warehouse management system provides a comprehensive mobile barcoding solution. This further streamlines the receiving, picking, putaway and audit processes. You can get up-to-the-minute updates from the warehouse floor to the back office.

Improve accuracy - Paper-based picking is error-prone and has a direct dependency on human intelligence. With barcode scanning, the picking is 100% accurate.

Integrated with OMS - The warehouse management system is tightly integrated with OMS and real-time updates flow back to the customer.

barcode solutions
Complex Warehousing Workflows

Complex Warehousing Workflows

Whether it is a cross-dock solution or custom picking algorithm, Prozo WMS can handle all complex workflows that come with managing an operationally intensive warehouse.

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