Prozo Publishing

A one-of-its-kind publishing organization, Prozo is highly focused on offering theme-based learning methodology in all of its books, which are as per the syllabi outlined by various boards of education. At Prozo, we believe that along with education, children should also imbibe a value system that enriches their learning and knowledge, and supports their overall development, beyond just books. At Prozo, we understand the needs of teachers as well as students.

K-12 Books

With a determined approach to making learning better, we have launched course books for classes I to VIII in various subjects.

  • Books for Generation Z - With a global perspective in mind, our books help impart wholesome learning that is ideal for post-millenials.
  • Unified learning approach - Our content is structured with a judicious mix of pep activities, concepts, examples, exercises, assignments, and revision material.
  • Teacher’s Manual - A resourceful teacher handbook that assists teachers in imparting knowledge, along with answer keys and activities for students.
  • Digital content - Every book comes with a CD which carries the book’s content in a digital format, which can be accessed on a computer.

Trade Books

Page 26 has been launched by Prozo with the vision of setting a perfect platform for upcoming as well as already established authors to transform their literary works into masterpieces that can be touched, felt and read most conveniently.

The name Page 26 itself is inspired by the 26 letters of the English Alphabet, and the most authentic platform to showcase literary works – a page. With Page 26, authors have access to a robust book publishing channel, which is further backed by Prozo’s wide distribution network to ensure that the demand for your book is met in every corner of the country.