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Assistant Manager - Warehouse(E-commerce operations)

Job Description:

Warehouse in-charge role is a high-intensity leadership role that encompasses working with a team of 10 people in a fast-paced decision-making environment. 

Order Life-Cycle Management: The role starts once the orders are received in the ERP. 

  • Work with the finance team to release the orders that are held due to credit limit issue
  • Inform the sales team about orders that are held due to non-payment from the buyer side
  • For the credit-approved orders, start the pick-pack process along with the team.
  • Monitor the turn around time for the pick-pack process so that maximum orders get dispatched during working hours. 
  • Once the orders are packed, work with logistics executive to ensure that the orders are dispatched as soon as possible. 
  • Ensure maximum stock and dispatch accuracy
  • Work with the purchasing team to let them know if we are about to finish any stock soon so that the stock can be replenished. 
  • Basis technology know-how of an ERP is a must to manage orders. 

Inventory Management:

  • Manage incoming and outgoing stock properly to maintain inventory accuracy.
  • Perform regular cycle counts to further maintain the inventory integrity

Incoming stock management: Prozo follows a JIT purchase model (Just in time procurement model) of procurement. Therefore, the flow of incoming goods is high on an ongoing basis. Ensure that the incoming stock is properly accounted for and is uploaded in the system and tagged to the orders for dispatch. 

Outgoing billed Orders, Approval stock and sample stock: Ensure the pick-pack team handles all the above three kinds of outgoing stock with speed and accuracy. 

Returns Management: In print books distribution, books are considered a perishable product and after the exam or the season, these books are returned back to the publisher. Ensure that the returns management team picks up returned items by buyers from the transporter, issue credit notes as per policy and then send back the goods to the publishers. Publisher will issue a credit note for these goods to Prozo. 

Operations key processes know-how: The candidate should be well-aware of key operations processes and their importance such as

  • Pick-pack process
  • Order verification
  • Cycle count
  • Proof of delivery 
  • Stock-keeping processes (Warehouse management)

Team Building: The candidate is expected to lead a team of 4-10 people and is expected to build the team as the company grows. 
Lead-by-Example Leadership: Operations is a group-up function and therefore we expect all our operations managers to lead the team by example. 

Client Management: Prozo offers warehousing and distribution services to other publishers also. In case, you are offered the warehouse in-charge role for a particular publisher, you will be expected to work with a publisher for order processing, incoming stock from printers and returns process management.

  • Therefore, we expect the candidate to be good in email and verbal communication in Hindi and English.

Audit Preparedness: The candidate should be aware of the stock audit process that may happen at a quarterly or annual basis. 
Warehouse Admin Role: The warehouse manager is expected to ensure the warehouse stock and other property is handled in a professional manner by staff and there are no pilferages. He is expected to highlight if there are any process gaps. 

Warehouse Admin Role: The warehouse manager is expected to ensure the warehouse stock and other property is handled in a professional manner by staff and there are no pilferages. He is expected to highlight if there are any process gaps.

About Prozo: Prozo is a fast-growing e-commerce fulfilment company. We are a 6 year old & a 100 member profitable tech-company with offices at Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. We started our journey with the books category and are serving various international and domestic publishers for warehousing, technology, and fulfilment services. We are also serving many brands in other segments such as toys, food, retail health care, apparel and fashion accessories. The company was founded by Lieutenant Commander (Dr) Ashvini Jakhar in 2014, who is an alumni of prestigious institutions like AFMC-Pune, Indian School of Business, and McKinsey & Company. Our CTO, Mr Vaibhav Dhawan, who brings with him more than 14 years of technology experience, joined us 5 year ago. He loves to code and still spends the majority of his time in coding. Prior to joining Prozo, he has served in various organisations like Global Logic, SDG and EasyFix. He is an alumni of PEC, Chandigarh!

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at Prozo. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status or any other legally protected status.