Assistant Manager - HR (Talent Recruitment & Retention)

Job Description:

Drive Candidate Selection Process:

  • Drive hiring process through recruitment platforms and recruitment consultants
  • Manage various job applications portal of the company like Linkedin, etc
  • Create professional job descriptions in coordination with the hiring manager
  • Shortlist resumes based on the Job description and pre-defined selection criteria
  • Set up interviews of the shortlisted candidates with the hiring managers
  • Manage pre-interview and post-interview communication with the shortlisted candidates.
  • Manage the in-person interview process - receiving candidates, driving multiple rounds of interviews with various managers and debriefing the candidate after the interview.
  • Manage database of shortlisted candidates as per various job descriptions.

Manage Hiring Process:

  • Collect requisite documents from the selected candidates and issue the offer letter after approval.
  • Complete reference diligence on candidates (by calling previous reporting managers of the candidate)
  • Create a profile of the candidate in HR software
  • Drive day 0 onboarding & induction of the candidate. Brief candidate about company culture, processes, day-to-day company processes, travel policies etc.
  • Complete joining formalities of the employee

Further Employee Engagement:

  • Maintain social calendar of all employees’ events and celebrate as per the social calendar
  • Quarterly employee events to boost team building and collaboration
  • Drive process for Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the year awards.
  • Engage with employees to handle their grievances/concerns

Institutionalize HR Processes:

  • Institutionalize key HR processes with the help of the HR manager and document the same through handbook/SoP documents.
  • Standardize ad-hoc processes of HR appraisal, bonus payout, etc