Tell me more about Prozo?

Prozo is a distribution-technology company offering distribution, distribution-technology and distribution services to brands. Currently, Prozo operates in the publishing segment only. We are expanding to other verticals as you read this.

How does Prozo enable distribution?

Prozo is an app-based direct-to-retailer (D2R) distributor of printed books. We are a b2b e-commerce company in print books distribution segment. We supply books of more than 350 publishers to more than 1000 booksellers directly. Booksellers buy books from a multi-lingual B2B app, Bookz Bookseller App.

What about distribution-technology vertical of the company?
  • Prozo has a deep understanding of b2b e-commerce supply chain and we believe that traditional supply chains can be made more efficient with the help of technology. We offer 5 technology solutions currently:
  • ERP: Publisher can use this b2b e-commerce ready ERP to drive operational efficiency at all parts of the supply chain; be it inventory management, sales acceleration, order processing, credit control or business intelligence. The ERP has an integrated Warehouse Management System also.
  • B2B E-commerce Mobile Application: Publishers/Brands who take Prozo ERP have an option to take Prozo B2B e-commerce app to enable their entire dealer network for B2B e-commerce.
  • Sales and Admin Mobile Application: This application is meant for the brand’s sales and operations team. Using this app, the teams get real-time information about various aspects of operations like inventory levels, the status of order processing, credit-releasing the orders, daily dashboard and many others!
What services do you offer under Distribution Services vertical?
  • Under this vertical, Prozo offers brands/publishers, 4 PL (Fourth Party Logistics) services such as:
  • Multi-location Warehousing
  • Order Processing & optimisation
  • Dispatch Management & optimisation
  • Return Management & optimisation
  • Inventory Management & optimisation
  • Warehouse Stock and In-Transit Stock Insurance
  • Transport Management & optimisation
Does Prozo publish also?

Prozo has its own private label in printed books - Prozo Publishing. Under this vertical, Prozo publishes books where we find a lack of good content and an opportunity to create a learning impact. .We publish books mainly in the areas of Language Learning (English Grammar, French etc.), Computer Science, and General knowledge & Aptitude.

We are a publisher. How can we associate with Prozo?
  • As a publishes, Prozo can partner with you in all the three verticals i.e. We can be a distributor of your books, we can offer you technology solutions and we can take care of warehousing and distribution services also.
  • Prozo is one of the largest distributors in India in terms of aggregation and caters to all segments of books such as K-12, Competition segment, Vacancy segment, Higher Education Segment, Medical books and Tax & Law Segment.
I am a bookseller. How can I associate with Prozo?

As a bookseller, you will be able to buy books of 100’s of publishers through our B2B e-commerce app, Bookz Bookseller at the comfort of your home. You can download the app from the play store or iOS store.

What are the benefits of associating with Prozo as a bookseller?

We offer the best aggregation of books, market competitive discounts, credit and return policy to Prozo-Verified booksellers.

How can I become a Prozo-Verified bookseller?

Please register on the link given on the mobile application. Once registered, Prozo sales team will reach out to you for account opening formalities.

I represent a school. How can we associate?

You can associate with Prozo in many ways. As a school, you can buy your entire books supply from Prozo (comprising of various publishers). Besides this, you can also prescribe Prozo publishing books in your school.

As a school, I would like Prozo to handle my booklist and supply books directly to students. Is it possible?

Prozo doesn’t supply books directly to students but does it so through Prozo’s franchise stores. Also, prozo has a mobile application - The Bookz School App, for supply books bundles to student’s home. It is a B2C e-commerce app wherein our franchise stores supply the study bundle to the students at their home. For more information, write to us at

I want to have a Prozo Franchise Store? What should I do?

Prozo offers retail as a service to existing bookstores, which are run by forward-looking owners. Based on various parameters, we select a bookstore to be our franchise store. Once selected, the store will have access to Prozo retail ERP with the database of books, preferred business terms, liberal returns policy and dedicated relationship manager to serve his/her business needs. Such a store buys exclusively from Prozo for all of their business needs. These stores are branded as “Bookz” stores. If you are a bookstore owner and want to convert it to Prozo franchise store, please write to us at