Prozo Tech

Prozo Tech is a suite of technology products built around its core product, Prozo Core - an enterprise level software, available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for Publishers and Distributors. The tech suite is for handing following areas of business:

Prozo Core: Order receipt, processing and management

  • Includes inventory management and other aspects of order processing
  • It also acts as a base product to integrate other products into the core
  • User - Publisher or Distributor
  • Buyer - Publisher or Distributor

Prozo Biz: Ordering App for business buyers (Booksellers, distributors, libraries and schools)

  • User – Business buyers (Booksellers, distributors, libraries and schools)
  • Buyer – Publisher

Prozo Sales: Sales planning and performance management

All the products are available as SaaS
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